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Northern Lights

So a lot of the time a person has to forget everything they've learned. Most process are watered down for the masses on purpose in my opinion. People that are dumb and docile are more easy to control and make little to no advancement in any category. The subject of spirituality is no different. You've been given bits and pieces of truth. The form with no substance is more like it. So everything you might have done up until now has not advanced you spiritually, mentally, or physically. The more simple your life is whether its your food choices and so on.... yields quicker/better results the majority of the time. So as you examine some of the things I write in blogs or say in videos, be open minded and hearted. Put the methods to the test first and then base your decision off of that. As the title says, TRUST IN THE PROCESS. Peace!

The way to eliminate body order is pretty simple. You should stop eating all meat whether processed or organic. Rotten animals flesh makes you bowels stink strongly and comes through your pores when you sweat. You also want to eliminate milk, especially in the hot season. During the summer when you sweat, the milk comes out of the pores and spoils on the skin causing an odor. Then, you should look up detox formulas to cleanse the body. Along with that, you should start incorporating fruits, vegetables, and herbs(minus garlic and onion) into your diet. As you continue to do this, eventually you will start to smell less and less until you don't smell at all. In my opinion, you won't even need deodorant at some point. I hope this helps you guys. Test it out and see the results. Peace!

It's human nature to make mistakes and have regrets. When you truly regret something, you make an assertive effort to correct the flaw. Otherwise, it isn't really regret because some part of you still enjoys this "so called" mistake. Of course, bad habits can be hard to break as well. So just chip away at the habit and eventually it will fall apart. It will take great will power on your part. Your will has to be just a little bit stronger than the habit for you to overcome. You can do it. Even if you fail 99 times, the 100th time you will succeed! So remain confident, and don't stress over failures. This does not mean your a bad person, it just means your human. Your surely not the only one that's made such a lapse. Even some of the best saints were once great sinners. I believe in you whole heartedly! Make yourself proud by putting forth great effort. I love you all. Peace

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