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What Is A Real Meditation?

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

I want to start off by saying there are multiple types of meditation. The chakras develop the spiritual bodies, but that is only part of it. In order to get to the highest type of meditation, you have to become egoless. Every other types of meditation involves keeping the personality. The goal is to shatter the ego which most people don't want to really do. So they know not what they truly ask for. Getting rid of the ego can be scary, because the self(Personality) feels threaten. After the spiritual bodies are develop, you have to take all of that energy to the heart. Once you do that and are able to do it consistently, then you will become selfless(egoless). Becoming selfless means merging back with the source(The Absolute Reality). So their you have it! This is what real meditation is at the highest level. Peace!

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