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As Above, So Below

This phrase is highly misunderstood because most people deem it to be mystical or evil. When broken down into its component parts, it seems to be a legitimate quote. Everything you see on a macro level, exist on a smaller or subtler level. You can make this inquiry based off what's shown to you on a bigger scale coupled with a similar thing on a lesser level. For example, if you look at the tree and its branches/roots, they're very similar to the veins and blood vessels in the human body. Tree roots/branches also resemble the neuro electrical pathways in the brain. This is the essence of the quote 'AS ABOVE, so below'. There's really nothing spooky about it. Once you drop the fear and ignorance of what the majority of population are dominated by, then all the things you're in the dark about shed their own light upon you once investigated which is called illumination. Be fearless! You will have to be if you want to advance on the spiritual path. Adversity is sure to come as a test of your faith, will power, and seriousness. That's all I have for you today. Peace!!

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